You’ve got a passion for fashion, for helping people get dressed, and making their wardrobes look as good as them. But does the business side of things just get you down?  

As a one-person show, you may be lonely, lost, or have no idea if what you’re doing is even working - and worse, no one to ask.  

Truth is - you aren’t equipped to run a business as a personal stylist.  

Your styling program taught you how to take body measurements, clean out a closet, and shop, but it didn’t teach you how to think and act like a business owner.  

The Founders Club teaches personal stylists how to become the business owner and CEOs you know you're destined to be.  


I don’t care if you are an aspiring, part-time, or full-time personal stylist - you’ve had at least one of these thoughts: 

  • My industry is SO saturated - why in the world would anyone book with ME?
  • If one more fashion blogger puts stylist in their IG bio….
  • How in the heck will booking on-off closets audits at $300 ever turn into a full time job? 
  • My clients NEVER come back… it’s like I do one service and they forget I exist!
  • I talk about my services ALL day on social media, why can’t I book anyone??
  • Why won’t anyone share or help me out? Other stylists are just so mean. 
  • I’m so lonely…. Why did I go into business for myself again?
  • Maybe I can just get a job at Saks, or Stitch Fix… 

You probably enrolled in an online course but then you realized you’re not getting the support you wanted or even basic answers to your questions. 

Maybe you did a training that was GREAT, but it was short lived and now that you’re a few months or years into your business you’re stuck - you still need support and accountability but don’t want to spend thousands to hire a coach - even though you know you’d THRIVE if you had one.

If you’re ready to make a decision to commit to yourself AND your business - to become the best damn personal stylist AND CEO that you can be - then get ready to do things differently. Get ready to become a founder.


The Founders Club is the ONLY monthly, business coaching program for aspiring, part-time and established personal stylists. We help you take your training + talents to the next level.

When you join The Founders Club, you get the Biz Bootcamp e-course that walks you through an ENTIRE framework, step-by-step, for setting your business up for success - no more second guessing your niche, services, and pricing structure OR wondering just what the hell taxes and business structure have to do with anything (LLC what?). We go WAY behind designing business cards (because let’s face it - biz cards do not get you clients - great services and experiences do).


PLUS: with access to monthly business coaching...  

  • You’ll get the ONGOING support + coaching you need as the industry changes - no more waiting for courses to open or someone’s program to be released. 
  • You’ll receive trainings to hone your skills is in marketing, social media, client retention, and more. 
  • We work in real time - it only makes sense that you get coaching in real time. 
  • PLUS, you’ll be joining a community of the BEST personal stylist from all over the globe - professional, dedicated to their clients, AND budding CEOs. And your questions will get actual responses within minutes.
  • The Founders Club is the ONLY program you need to launch, build and grow a successful personal styling business. No more wondering if you’re doing it right, second guessing your pricing, or feeling overwhelmed. WE GOT YOU.  

When you become a Founder, you get access to: 

  • Biz Bootcamp Foundational Framework → a comprehensive, 12 module course that walks you through step by step what you need to do to set up your business for success ($999 value)
  • Hot seat coaching calls ($399 value)
  • Interviews with business industry experts ($699 value)
  • Members-only Facebook community full of professional personal stylists who are engaged and responsive (priceless!) 
  • Training Archive access → get access to all previous trainings and industry expert interviews! ($2,097 and growing)

We only open the doors a few times a year - if you’ve been on the fence about joining, NOW is the time. Nervous? Feel like you want to throw up? Good. It means you’re experiencing a shift - a shift from stylist to CEO. It should feel uncomfortable because you’re about to embark on a journey that will change your business - and you - forever.  

If you’re ready to go from hobby to full time and stop trying to figure it all out on your own then you’ve only got one option.  

Could you continue doing things like you’re doing them now? Sure. But ask yourself: do you like where your business is RIGHT NOW? If you continue to do what you’re doing, you’ll continue to get the SAME results. In order to get DIFFERENT results, you have to do something different. Could you YouTube or Google your way to success? Probably. But how long would that take you?  

Could you piecemeal together trainings from other places? Absolutely. But there’s a reason why The Founders Club was created. There’s a reason why DOZENS of personal stylists have already joined and are already seeing success. Because it’s different and gives you exactly what you need and none of what you don’t. 

Joining The Founders Club is a no brainer. If you want to be a stylist - go work for Nordstrom. If you want to be a CEO - join TFC.  

Are you ready to invest in your business like a CEO? Choose from three options worth over $5,000 for literally a SMALL snippet of that as your investment for you and your business. 



$49 / Month

NO contracts, pay as you go  

Best for the: STYLIST ON THE GO 

  • Biz Bootcamp Foundational Framework ($999 value)
  • Hot seat coaching calls ($399 value)
  • Interviews with business industry experts ($699 value)
  • Members-only, engaged Facebook community (priceless!)
  • Training Archive access ($2,097 and growing!)
  • Downloads + templates ($999 value)
  • Group challenges, accountability + support ($599 value)  


$490 / Year

2 months FREE!  


  • Biz Bootcamp Foundational Framework ($999 value)
  • Hot seat coaching calls ($399 value)
  • Interviews with business industry experts ($699 value)
  • Members-only, engaged Facebook community (priceless!)
  • Training Archive access ($2,097 and growing!)
  • Downloads + templates ($999 value)
  • Group challenges, accountability + support ($599 value)

This is the LOWEST this prices will ever get! Join now and you’ll retain access to this price point for as long as your membership is active - even when prices increase (which they WILL when we open the doors in the fall).  

Sure, you could continue doing things as you’re doing them right now: confused, not-confident, unsure of your next step, OR you can equip yourself with the tools to get it right AND be supported along the way as your business grows WITH you.  


Think about it this way: get ONE new paying client and your investment is paid for.  

  • In the industry for 10 years
  • Coaching + teaching small biz owners and personal stylists for 3+ years
  • Received years + invested thousands of myown dollars to receive my own coaching from master level coaches, workshops, and conferences and I’m bringing this knowledge and info to you! 

Hey there personal stylist - I see you out there, posting on IG, creating amazing looks, working with some awesome (and some not so awesome) clients and wondering just when the heck this side hustle of yours is gonna take off.  

Just like you, I loved helping women get dressed - seeing their physical wardrobe transform their inner spirit and confidence was SO fun. I was good at what I did and loved it! I got stylist training. I worked with friends and family, but I was stalled out. I was taught to think like a stylist, not a CEO and it hurt my business.  

It wasn’t until I started receiving mentoring and paid thousands (worth it, but THOUSANDS) for coaching and more courses, that I started to see the shift in my business, clients, and income. I didn’t know ANYTHING about business - I didn’t even know how to track my income much less write a client agreement, protect myself legally, or even how a shopping session could actually work.  

But I also know the isane feeling of going full time in my business. The feeling of success, admiration, and “I did it.” I also know the feeling of NOT having a steady client base, wondering how I would pay my mortgage and feed my cats. More coaches, more courses helped. But most importantly - I shifted my thinking from stylist to CEO.  

Now it's my mission to help you. The Founders Club is what I wished I had when I was starting out so many years ago: a template, a framework and ongoing coaching + mentorship and support. It’s your next step, your secret weapon, created just for you so that you can kill it in your business, design a life you love, and turn your hobby into a sustainable BUSINESS that gives you freedom.  

To all my CEO’s!  

Sydney is a personal stylist, coach + business strategist, and speaker. She is the founder + CEO of Chic Stripes, a personal styling company that helps women create wardrobes that work for them not against them as well as the creator of BEYOND + The Founders Club, a monthly coaching program to help other stylists turn their hobbies into successful businesses. 

Sydney has been featured on numerous television segments, worked with local and national brands, has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and the Today Show, was named Richmond’s Top Fashion Blogger in 2015 by Richmond Magazine, and continues to be the area’s go-to style expert. Sydney lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and three cats; loves black coffee and vintage; and is found just as often in climbing/hiking shoes as she is heels. Read more about Sydney here.  

If you want MORE than just an online course or a one-off strategy session - The Founders Club is it. Are you ready to CEO with me? 

  • In this biz coaching program, you’ll learn all the business things you didn’t know you needed to know.
  • You’ll learn the exact methods for how to create a sustainable business model, how to work with a variety of clients, and exactly what NOT to do
  • Looking for shortcuts
  • Want all the work done for them
  • Aren’t ready or willing to put in the work required
  • Just want to copy pre-existing templates or ideas
  • Aren’t willing to experiment and try out of the box ideas
  • Want to stay stuck in their unfilled lives  

If you are creative, ready to build your dream career and sustainable lifestyle, willing to put in the groundwork, wanting to bring your clients value and services to make their lives better, constantly striving to make your processes and systems better, and excited for this new adventure….

Then you need to sign up TODAY. 

So just WHO are our founders? Some of the BEST stylists from around the Globe!  



What stage stylist is The Founders Club for? It’s for ANY stage stylist! If you are wanting to BE a stylist but aren’t sure even what to do, you’ll go through the Biz Bootcamp Foundational Course over 12 weeks to create YOUR business foundation. Established stylists can pick and choose what modules you want to spend time on. The ongoing coaching is designed to work on specific topics that anyone can use.  

How is this different from other stylist trainings? For SO many reasons! Reason #1: The Founders Club is NOT a one and done, online course. You get the benefit of a deep dive course AND the ongoing coaching + training to support you on your business journey. You also get accountability and support from other stylists - this group is so different from other groups - we have stylists from ALL over the world, and if you ask a question, you’re guaranteed to get a practical, applicable response quickly!

How do I know if this is the right program for me? This program is for any personal stylist, at any stage, who is ready to step into the CEO role. If you’re ready to work on your mindset, develop stronger business strategies, and take bigger steps in your business, this is the place to be.

Can I REALLY cancel at any time? Yep. You’ll get an email outlining all the awesome things you’ll miss if you go, and if you DO cancel you’ll lose access to everything in the membership. But you 100% can cancel and we honor that request! No refunds are offered on any canceled memberships.

Do I get access to the information if I cancel? Unfortunately no - you’ll only retain access to the information while you are an active member. 

What if the price goes up? Whatever price you paid when you joined The Founders Club is your price for life. As long as you remain a member in good standing, you’re grandfathered in - even if prices increase!  



You won’t have another chance to join for months.

 Can your business afford to remain stagnant for that much longer?  

If you get ONE new client, you’ll pay for this investment.